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Kollywood’s Summer Entertainer Mr Local movie begins from pairs prison ands in Chennai. Mr Local is life of young man who doesn’t care about his live imagines himself as a hero. Siva Karthigeyan s regular role which is being followed in Kollywood for several years. Unemployed hero falls in love with a rich CEO saddenly […]
Hacker Jeeva gets the threat of his life when another hacker tries to destroy his dear ones. Casting: Jeeva, Nicki Kalarani and Anika Podi Kee Movie Plot: We all would have understood Kee is a hacking based movie from trailer. Jeeva and Arje Balaji both study in college together. Despite all the failures, all the hackers […]
Akshara Hasan daughter of Kollywood actor Kamal Hasan and younger sister of Actress Shruthi Hasan. Akshara has 2 films so far one in Bollywood along with Amitab Bachchan and Dhanush and another in Kollywood along with Ajith Kumar. Akshara played a rough techie role in Vivegam. Whereas Akshara turned into a pinky winky cute girl […]
Here is the list of Worlds Top 100 box office collection movies from all over the world. Rank Title Studio Worldwide Domestic Overseas Year 1 Avatar Fox $2,788.0 $760.5 27.3% $2,027.5 72.7% 2009^ 2 Avengers: Endgame BV $2,238.5 $632.0 28.2% $1,606.5 71.8% 2019 3 Titanic Par. $2,187.5 $659.4 30.1% $1,528.1 69.9% 1997^ 4 Star Wars: […]
Bollywood Badsha King likely to join with Thalapathy 63 under Atlee direction. Shah Rukh Khan was the king of bollywood for several decades after Amitab. Though Shah Rukh Khan was the king of box office he didn’t made any Tamil movie expect very few dubbing movies only. Its confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan will be […]
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